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Past Feature Stories

  • Gardening for Good Health!

    Doin' some pruning!         Gail plays peek-a-boo!

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    The Department of Administration’s Wellness Garden Club has been active! On Tuesdays after work, employees spade, weed, and clean the gardens along the Department of Administration building.

    The Club is led by the Department of Administration’s very own Master Gardener, Gail Woodward.

  • DBR kicks off Wellness Initiative with healthy salad lunch

    Governor Carcieri enjoys a healthy salad at DBR’s wellness initiative kickoff          DBR employees turned out in force to welcome the Governor and participate in the department’s kickoff

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    Governor Carcieri helped the Department of Business Regulation kick off its wellness initiative on Wednesday, July 20 in a terrific event at the DBR headquarters.

    The kickoff included brief remarks from the Governor, DBR Director A. Michael Marques, and Health Insurance Commissioner Chris Koller. DBR employees then enjoyed a healthy salad lunch from Luigi’s Restaurant. Employees contributed $2 each for the lunch and were encouraged to “donate” examples of “bad food.” Those items, such as frosted doughnuts, sausage and bacon, and Ring Dings, were displayed on a table. Next to that table were examples of healthy alternatives.

    The event was held in DBR’s main entrance. The room was decorated with posters, wellness banners, and balloons adorned the center of the room. It was a festive, fun, and inspirational event.

    Congratulations to DBR’s Wellness Champions, Adrienne-Jo Evans, Deborah Main, and Alicia Mildner for putting together such a fabulous event. These Wellness Champions have only just begun. Look for future events to motivate and encourage the DBR employees.

  • Catherine Enchelmeyer: A Wellness Success Story

    Award presentationDepartment of Labor & Training Director Adelita Orefice (left) presents Catherine Enchelmeyer with an award for being the first DLT staffer to complete the Health Assessment. Rick Fitzgerald, the DLT’s Wellness Champion, presented Catherine with her “Get Fit, Rhode Island” stress ball. Catherine was the first DLT employee to fill out the Health Assessment survey and hand in her confirmation page to Rick.

    Catherine is a DLT Wellness success story: she has joined a gym and is regularly working out. She recently completed a five-session beginners yoga class held after work at DLT.

    Catherine is proud to say she has lost over ten pounds and is on her way to better health. Catherine expressed to Director Orefice and Rick how grateful she is for the opportunity to be involved with DLT's Wellness program. It has made a huge difference in her life.

    Congratulations to Catherine and everyone else who has completed the Health Assessment!

  • Well Workplaces

    The Department of Labor & Training

    Through the work of an active Wellness Committee, employees of the Department of Labor & Training are finding fewer and fewer excuses not to exercise. Whether it's taking part in lunchtime walks around the Pastore Complex or taking part in an afterwork yoga class, opportunities abound.

    One of the most popular programs is the DLT's participation in community walks that raise money for worthy causes. On Sunday, April 30, 14 members of the DLT's walking club took part in an Arthritis Walk at Roger Williams Park. Team DLT is led by Kathy Catanzaro.

    "We wanted to find a way that we, as a department, could give back to the community," said Rick Fitzgerald, the wellness champion for the DLT. Team DLT raised more than $1,000 for the Arthritis Foundation.

    Members of Team DLT who participated in the walk were: Jack McLaughlin, Jim Moroney, Debbie Moroney, Rose Lemoine, Mary Cronin-Whitney, Kathy Conti, Kathy Catanzaro, Susan Trocina, Carol Smith, Erica DeBeradis, Paula Morris, and Kathy Partington. Those who collected money, but did not walk were Denise Cannata, Ellen Rego, Joann Killilea, Edith Diosa, Marie Mackey, and Nancie Moore.