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Find your Wellness Champion

Each department or agency has a Wellness Champion who, along with a Wellness Committee, is charged with coordinating the health and wellness activities.

  • RI Department of Administration

    Sharon Savicki
    RI Dept. of Administration
    One Capitol Hill
    Providence, RI  02908
    Phone:  222-6300
    E-mail:  Sharons@budget.state.ri.us

  • Department of Business Regulation

    Adrienne-Jo Evans
    Department of Business Regulation
    233 Richmond Street, Suite 232
    Providence, RI  02903
    Phone:  222-1167
    E-mail:  adriennejo_evans@dbr.state.ri.us

    Alicia Mildner
    Department of Business Regulation
    233 Richmond Street, Suite 232
    Providence, RI  02903
    Phone:  222-1754
    E-mail:   Alicia_mildner@dbr.state.ri.us

  • Community College of Rhode Island

    Mary Pecchia
    Flanagan Campus
    1762 Louisquisset Pike
    Lincoln,RI 02865-4585
    Phone: 333-7135

  • Department of Corrections

    Marc Moreau, Senior Supervisor
    Training Academy
    RI Department of Corrections
    1 Wilma Schlesler Lane
    P.O. Box 8273
    Cranston, RI  02920
    Phone:  462-2697
    Fax:  462-5126
    E-mail:  Marc.Moreau@doc.ri.gov

  • Economic Development Corporation

    Vivian Balcom
    Economic Development Corporation
    One West Exchange Street
    Providence, RI   02903
    Phone:  222-2601 ext. 160
    E-mail: vbalcom@riedc.com

  • Department of Education

    Margaret Santiago
    RI Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
    255 Westminster Street (Shepard Building)
    Providence, RI 02903
    Human Resource Associate
    Human Resource Development
    Tel. (401) 222-4683
    Fax (401) 222-5106
    E-Mail: margaret.santiago@ride.ri.gov

  • Department of Elderly Affairs

    Delia Rodriguez 
    RI Department of Elderly Affairs
    John O. Pastore Center
    Benjamin Rush Blg. #55
    35 Howard Av.
    Cranston, RI 02920
    Phone:  462-0524.

  • Department of Environmental Management

    Deb Knauss
    235 Promenade Street
    Providence, RI  02908
    Phone: 401-222-4700 ext 7612

  • Department of Health

    Jay Garrett
    3 Capitol Hill, Room 410
    Providence, RI 02908
    Phone: 222-1042
    E-mail: Jay.Garrett@health.ri.gov

  • Department of Human Services

    Stephen Brunero
    Deputy Administrator
    DHS/ Office of Rehabilitation Services
    40 Fountain Street
    Providence, RI 02903
    401-421-7005 Ext. 354
    TDD 421-7016

    Ann DeBonis
    Human Resource Analyst II
    Aime J. Forand Bldg.
    600 New London Ave.
    Cranston, RI 02920

  • Department of Mental Health, Retardation & Hospitals

    Patricia O'Donnell
    Assistant Director of Nursing
    Eleanor Slater Hospital
    P.O. Box 8269
    Cranston, RI  02920
    Phone: 462-3477
    Fax:      462-5243
    Email:   PO'Donnell@mhrh.ri.gov

  • RI National Guard

    Major Lisa Meriwether
    RI National Guard
    645 New London Avenue
    Cranston, RI  02920-3097
    Phone:  275-4477

  • Division of Public Utilities & Carriers

    Thomas Kogut
    RI Division of Public Utilities and Carriers
    89 Jefferson Blvd.
    Warwick, RI  02888
    Phone:  780-2105 
    E-mail:  tkogut@ripuc.state.ri.us

  • Rhode Island College

    William DelGaudio
    Rhode Island College
    600 Mount Pleasant Avenue
    Providence, RI  02908
    Phone: 401-456-8237
    E-mail:  wdelgaudio@ric.edu

  • RI State Police

    Sergeant James Manni
    RI State Police
    311 Danielson Pike
    North Scituate, RI  02857
    Phone:   444-1191   (444-1064 until late May)
    E-mail:   jmanni@risp.state.ri.us

  • Department of Transportation

    Despina Metakos
    Office on Highway Safety
    2 Capitol Hill, Room 106
    Providence, RI 02903
    Phone (401)222-3260 ext. 4098
    E-mail: dmetakos@dot.ri.us

  • URI

    Laura Kenerson (Higher Ed. Representative)
    Director of Personnel
    University of Rhode Island
    Office of Human Resources
    80 Lower College Road
    Kingston, RI  02881
    Phone:  874-5271
    Fax:  874-5530
    E-mail:  kenerson@uri.edu